About us

We ensure our products meet pharmaceutical-grade standards.

About Us

We are an Online seller specialising in providing CBD, Vaping,  Smoking and Covid-19 products to customers all over the UK.

EC Direct CBD’s aim is to to become the UK’s largest online seller within the CBDvaping and smoking  categories. With our ever-expanding inventory, we currently sell over 8,000 products, and are pioneering within one of the fastest-growing industries Worldwide!

Our focus is on building trust with our customers. It’s essential that our customers can come to us knowing that we only provide them with the very best products. For that reason, we only stock products that have been fully tested and that comply with all current guidelines. We take Lab Reports and testing very seriously, and we make sure that our customers can access the Lab Reports whenever they need.

Helping Bring Real Relief To Our Customers

"We go above and beyond in our efforts to find high-quality products. Rather than simply sticking with the big brands, we love finding unique products "

Ec Direct CBD
Our Mission
We Connect People With Products That Produce Relief
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Providing the Best Products

We are incredibly strict about the products we stock at EC Direct CBD. We supply the highest grade products, which we source from all over the world and we constantly refresh our range by introducing new products every week to ensure our customers can always find exactly what they are looking for.

Increasing Awareness of CBD

One of our primary objectives since launching has been to increase awareness about CBD and all its potential benefits. At the same time, we want to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy CBD products, so we have a strong focus on improving accessibility.

EC Direct CBD Blog
Informing through our Blog

Information and education through our free Blog where we will provide useful information regarding the CBD and Vaping scene together with updates on new products.

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