Lyft CBD Edibles 20G - Sour Worms

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Lyft Edibles are an excellent start to the exploration of hemp derived CBD infused gummies. Now you can enjoy your favorite edible with the added benefit of CBD infused into every bite.  They are as easy to carry around and delicious to consume as any other similar edible, you may forget how helpful they can really be. These will soon become a regular in your diet. 

Flavor : Sour Worms
100% CBD Infused Edibles
Maximum Strength
Weight : 20gm
Organic, Natural Ingredients
THC Free
Pesticide Free
Chemical Free
Serving Size : 2 pieces
Serving per Container : 6

    Ingredients : CBD, Glucose, Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Com Starch, Artificial & Natural Flavors, Palm Kernel oil, Carnauba Wax, White Beeswax, Yellow Beeswax

    Recommended Use : Take 1-2 Gummies every 6-12 hours. Do not exceed 4 Gummies in 24 hours.