Our favorite chocolate caramel cookie bar. Delicious layers of cookie and caramel smothered in milk chocolate melt in your mouth as you enjoy the flavor! Who can resist a delectable cookie wrapped in caramel and milk chocolate bliss?

Chill Gummies collection is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Now you can enjoy your favorite candy while receiving the effect of CBD in each bite. They are easy to carry around and delicious to consume. These will soon become a regular in your diet. 

Approx. 20 gm of candy

Recommended serving size: No more than 1-2 pieces per an hour

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate(Sugar Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Nonfat Milk, Lactose, Soy Lecithin; Cannabadiol, Wheat, Peanuts, Sugar, Dextrose, Salt, TBHQ(Preservative)

*THIS PRODUCT IS SEASONAL, WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY MELTED GUMMIES OR EDIBLES* We will continue to do our best in packaging and insulating the gummies to protect them from heat.